The Best Silicon Valley Restaurants To Go To

People normally associate Silicon Valley with one of the largest tech hubs in the world, of not the greatest, most successful and most sought after. But all the computer engineers, programmers, and business people here also need to eat, don’t they? Their desire to constantly invent something new or develop en projects is pushing the majority of them to work hard for many hours a day, often times with no days off during the week; needless to say these folks need some fine places where they can reward themselves with some fine meals. Today we are going to present to you some of the hottest dining venues in Silicon Valley where residents and visitors alike are more than welcome to drop by at any time!

Michelin Star Restaurants: Manresa, Los Gatos

This restaurant is one of the total of just two restaurants that have been awarded with the Michelin stars, hence it makes for an excellent choice for all people who love food at its highest standards. When was the last time you ate pine needles? Chef David Kinch constantly works his magic away around some incredibly unique ingredients he finds across the California coastline, so you are in for an amazing treat every time you decide to visit this place. And the place is also a spectacular venue for couple looking for a romantic escape at night, so here’s an extra reason to give it a try. If your appetite has just opened and you are eagerly looking for some exclusivist cooking recipes with some similar ingredients you can actually find at the market, visit our website – has a vast number of fine recipes for sauces and dressings, salads, main courses, gluten-free food and everything else you might be interested in food-wise. Read the detailed description of the making process for the Italian Bolognese sauce and watch the video for even more details needed by the least experienced inside the kitchen.

bolognese sauce

Tamarine In Palo Alto

If you are into Vietnamese food, this restaurant will definitely be on your taste. Just remember to make your reservations ahead of time as this is one of the hottest places in the city. The famous beef dish of the restaurant was featured by Forbes as one of their top dishes, with more than 1,800 orders sold on a monthly basis.

Looking For Some Good Wine?

Sundance in Palo Alto allows you to make your pick out of their impressive collection of more than 450 wines to choose from, along with some mighty tasty steaks served by the cozy fireplace.

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