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Bawarchi is an iconic name in Indian Culinary history. The home grown International brand has won heart internationally with its mouthwatering cuisine.

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Reowned indian restaurant chain expanding its wings

Bawarchi is an iconic name in Indian Culinary history. The home grown International brand has won heart internationally with its mouthwatering cuisine.

The brand has been ranked amongst the Top 100 upcoming Franchise Opportunities in India as well.

Bawarchi International Group was found by a very young and Dynamic Entrepreneur, Mr. JD, who has intense passion for the hospitality and service industry. Mr. JD is overseeing the entire Brand and is the main push behind the success of the Bawarchi International Group. He is the driving force behind the overall vision and growth of the business along with his strong and dynamic Team. Today he has made a name for himself and a successful title in the service industry overseas and in India as a strong authentic Indian Brand in the Indian Culinary Industry.

The trademark of Bawarchi is its rigid standard of quality and consistency. After the grand success, the brand launched franchising looking at successful operations of much owned COCO (Company Owned and Company Operated) Model and has been providing opportunities to aspiring investors.

Since Bawarchi franchising inception, Bawarchi International Group Ltd. has adopted the franchise model for growing the brand across India and abroad expanding the reach of the brand into national and international markets. Bawarchi has adopted multiple formats to cater to varied consumer requirements at various locations.

Bawarchi offers three restaurant models for its franchise, Fine Dine Restaurant Model, Casual Dine Restaurant Model and Quick Service Restaurant Model. Fine / Casual Dining Restaurants: Typical size- 1500-2500 sq. standalone or located in a mall with or without Bar/Lounge facilities. In Airports / Food Courts: Typical size: 300-600sq.ft Quick Service Menus: Set Meals at reasonable prices are available at outlets present in commercial areas catering to the fast paced Customers and lunch-time office crowd.

The secret behind Bawarchi success for being an all-time favorite among people is that each and every chef and staff in every unit is trained by a professional from the Group Company. A contingent of back-up chef areengaged at the headquarters at all time to guarantee consistency.

Bawarchi International Group (BIG) mission is to set up outlets with the least amount of capital expenditure and provide extensive menus and multiple revenue sources while maintaining the highest standard of efficiency and quality.

As one of the major food players, May it be as fine dining, casual dining, and fast food concepts. The goal of the Company is to develop a very wide franchising system for Indian fine dining restaurant to have its presence in best of locations in the World.

The chefs will be trained by BIG Corporate Chefs in the Bawarchi Kitchen which not only ensures standardized quality of the dishes but also control the quality of purchases in the franchisee kitchen. However much has been explained in the operational manual which assists the franchisee to operate the business smoothly.

Modus Operandi

Great food and attractive stores

Once the potential Franchisee confirms interest, Agreements set by Bawarchi International Group are signed. Prior to signing, a detailed operations manual containing the introduction, menu samples, Recipes, Cooking Descriptions with proper presentations, assistance for Complete Outlet Layout, Hospitality and quality , Hygiene Standards, Waiter and Cooks, Recruitment Processes, Marketing Materials are provided to the Franchisee.

Great food and attractive stores are not enough to succeed in the food business. It takes great customer service, too. To our Support Center Team, the customers are our franchisees, their employees, and their customers.


Train our Stafft

We at Bawarchi restaurants train our staff with the minutest detail allowing them to please the customer as soon as they step foot into our outlets, making them feel like royalties, getting more than their money worth. In order to ascertain customer satisfaction we have invented various programs such as direct email online facilities, questionnaires, special dedicated PR managers on floor, corporate managers making surprise visits to outlets, disguised auditors who go unannounced to the outlets, quietly observing all aspects of the restaurant functioning, tastes, reaction of other customers who are seated in the restaurant during that time, and behavior of the staff etc.

The most extensive training is the chef training. Our chefs are never outsourced and are trained in our kitchen from the beginner stages. They have to pass all the stages in the kitchen over the course of few years before attaining the head chef positions.